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A stepping stone to financial security

NM Feldman Financial Services joining HBFS Financial Services

Following the novation of my business into HBFS Financial Services Ltd I am still offering my existing and new clients holistic advice on their finances.

After 25 years as principle of N M Feldman Financial Services I decided to look for a company that allowed me to offer my clients an even better service.

Freddy David and our team at HBFS Financial Services Ltd offer an overall Wealth Service which combines active fund management by the same team that gives you financial advice.

This cuts out layers of management and reduces the overall cost. They also advise on areas which until recently I was unable to offer.

HBFS has a 40-year history and is registered with and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you would like to chat about this please call me at my Edgware office on 0208 905 4671 or on my mobile 07956 651 931.

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